What's old is new in Helena radio

A change hit the airwaves in Helena and the surrounding area late this afternoon.

After much negotiation with both ESPN and Fox Sports Radio, The Montana Radio Company was unable to both satisfy their demands and continue to carry Carroll College football and basketball games, as well as other local sports. 

As a result, the decision was made not to renew contracts with the national sports networks. So with the start of the year's fourth quarter comes the start of something new in the Capitol City.

Out is Sports 94.9; in is Rewind. 

Rewind 94.9 will feature the hits of the '60s and '70s, while still remaining the home of the Carroll College Fighting Saints. 

And while national sports is gone, TMRC's priority is on the sports that matter here, to you, and to the community. None of that is changing, and all local sports programming previously heard on Sports 94.9 -- including the Jason Walker Show, which airs weekdays at 4 p.m. -- is moving to the FM KCAP at 95.9 FM.

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