Exploding shooting targets the cause of the North Hills fire.

According to Lewis and Clark County Sheriff Leo Dutton, the cause of the North Hills fire was by individuals shooting exploding targets.

The targets were made with tannerite, which will explode when hit with a high velocity bullet.

The Shooters attempted to put the fire out themselves, but soon realized they would not be able to, and called emergency services, before turning themselves in.

The incident occurred on Bureau of Land Management property on the afternoon of Friday July 26th.

BLM officials handed the case over to the Lewis and Clark Sheriffs Department, as it was thought there would be state charges… there were not, so the case is back in the hands of BLM with federal charges possible.

Sheriff Dutton said the incident was accidental and no malicious intent was intended.

Currently the the North Hills fire has burned over 5000 acres, and is 65% contained.

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