DNRC Update on the Eagles Canyon Fire: Evacuations to be Lifted at 8pm Saturday


In cooperation with DNRC, Dearborn and Wolf/Craig Fire Chiefs, the Lewis and Clark County Sherriff’s Office is lifting the evacuation order for Stickney Creek / Eagle Canyon residents tonight at 8:00 PM tonight.

SIZE: 60 acres CONTAINMENT: 0% contained

CAUSE: Human-caused

FIRE LOCATION: 4 miles NE of Craig, Lewis and Clark

PROTECTION: Dept. of Natural Resources and Conservation


3 Engines, 1 Water Tenders, 2 Type 2 IA Hand Crew 1 Hotshot Crew, 1 Dozer, Air Resources available if needed

FIRE SITUATION: The hand crews were successful in lining fire fires perimeter this morning and are currently strengthening the fire line and seeking out hot spots to extinguish.

The Eagle Canyon Fire was first reported to dispatch Friday, August 3, 2019 and is burning in the Eagle Canyon and Stickney Creek areas. Local, state, and federal firefighting resources arrived quickly and immediately started working together to safely and effectively reduce the fires spread. Air resources also supported firefighters by providing water and fire retardant where needed. The Eagle Canyon area is comprised of step rocky terrain with homes interspersed throughout.

The fire had minimal growth over the evening and is still holding at 60 acres. No structures burned.

Today the Bitterroot Hotshots will be working the east side of the fire. Grayback Type 2 IA Hand Crew will be working the bottom portion (south) of the fire to hold and secure the fire’s perimeter. The BLM Veteran Type 2 IA Hand Crew will be working the west side of the fires perimeter with the goal being that both crews will make forward progress establishing fire line and meeting at the top (north) of the fire. A helicopter is pre-positioned in Dearborn to assist when needed.


Evacuation notices were given to residents along the following roads yesterday evening: Eagle Canyon Road; July Road; Lil’ Valley Road; Werner Drive; North Fork of Beaver Slide Road; Spring Drive; Cold Water Drive. There is approximately 25-30 homes in this area.

Thank you to the Lewis and Clark County Sherriff’s Office, Cascade County Sheriff’s Office and BLM Law Enforcement who assisted with evacuations and are helping staff road blocks.

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