Bullock announces grant to help promote equal pay

Governor Steve Bullock announced yesterday a $25,000 grant.

The money will support a series of workshops designed to equip women with the skills and strategies to negotiate salaries and benefits, and promote equal pay in Montana.

Today, Montana women earn 73 percent of what men earn. That gap was larger six years ago, when it was 67 cents, so it’s progress; Bullock said it’s not nearly enough.

The funding will allow the American Association of University Women to host a series of workshops over the next 18 months. One series will be designed for women entering the workforce for the first time. Another is for women already there and will teach them how to negotiate salaries and benefits for a new job, raise or promotion.

The federal grant from the Department of Public Health and Human Services was awarded as part of the Rape Prevention and Education Grant – a 5-year, $2.5 million grant with several focus areas.

Studies have shown that in relationships with intimate partner violence, abusers can maintain more control over victims who are financially insecure.

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