Trump supporters, protesters clash in Great Falls

More than a thousand Trump supporters were turned away at Four Seasons Arena — many with tickets, as it seems the online registration system continued to grant requests even after the arena was filled.

The same thing happened when President George W. Bush spoke at Four Seasons in 2005. At that rally, 10,000 tickets were given out — the arena’s capacity is 6,600 — and an estimated 1,500 people were turned away.

Trump’s supporters, along with others from inside the arena following the event, traded verbal barbs with several hundred protesters. Some Trump supporters mockingly posed for photos in front of the protesters — and a line of law enforcement, which included multiple agencies, and included several officers from the Helena Police Department.

One Cascade County Sheriff’s deputy said the afternoon was peaceful, by and large, until the tail end. Emotions heated up a bit under the blazing late-afternoon sun, and ultimately one man in a red Trump T-shirt was detained. He was cooperating with Sheriff’s deputies, but was overheard complaining about two individuals who he said hit him.

Authorities would not provide any information on the incident, saying a press release would eventually be sent out.