The Spirits of St. John’s: Part II

Investigators were tracked on four IR cameras, which helped to point out sources of sound contamination and offer potential visual evidence.

Equipment ready, the team gathers in the meeting room on the third floor of the St. John’s Building. It is purported to be highly active.

I’m watching my levels as Michael asks a series of questions … and realize that, when no one is talking, the mic is telling the tablet that there’s sound, and it is being recorded.

There’s an electric hum in many of the rooms in the old building, particularly the meeting room. It’s eventually tuned out by our ears, but permeates the audio recordings. It covers a multiple faint noises. They do sound like … something … but because of that background noise, can’t be regarded as anything significant.

But that hum doesn’t mask everything.

NOTE: Many of the recordings in this segment of our investigation came from the equipment of investigator Joshua Baker. KCAP News Director Troy Shockley captured the same audio at the same time, but Baker’s equipment was closer to the sounds and gave a clearer recording. There was no alteration of these recordings, other than increasing the sound levels and then removing some of the resulting background hiss.