The Spirits of St. John’s: Part I

The third floor of the St. John's Building sits dark and empty ahead of a nighttime paranormal investigation last week.

There will be plenty of ghosts roaming the streets of Helena tonight – those of the candy-collecting nature.

But what about all the other nights? Are there, as some claim, spirits that have stayed behind, remnants of the Capital City’s historic past?

Curious, I connect with a handful of people looking to answer that question, and we’re granted access to the third floor of the St. John’s Building, Helena’s one-time hospital, now managed by Rocky Mountain Care Center.

Leading our little late-night party, Helena’s Michael Sweet, a medium and founder of Sweet Spot Paranormal. The man with all the gadgets is Joshua Baker, the founder of Quest Paranormal of Montana. He’s based in Phillipsburg.

Also with us investigator Tom Pouliot Jr. and photographer John Lynch.

NOTE: All audio recordings in this segment of our investigation came from the equipment of KCAP News Director Troy Shockley. There was no alteration of these recordings, other than increasing the sound levels and then removing some of the resulting background hiss.