The Ghosts of Marysville: Part IV

Time now for the fourth and final story from our overnight, paranormal investigation in Marysville.

Up until now, there have been some potential whispers, some pretty incredible coincidences and a few interesting sounds … but that’s nothing compared to what apparently happened in the dining room of the Marysville House.

A former railroad depot in Silver City, the Marysville House now serves great drinks and hearty meals … but strange things have happened here. In the past, candles and candle holders have zipped off tables and into diners. More recently, bartender Chris Boyles – on two occasions – witnessed liquor bottles lift off the back bar, move over the the front row of bottles and then drop to the floor near the bar.

I’m with a group of investigators, but none of them know what Chris told me about his experience earlier that night. The bar and restaurant is empty, the team spread throughout the dining room.

Medium Michael Sweet says he believes there is a female spirit in the space. Listen as he talks about that … because there’s apparently someone unseen that finds his idea interesting …

To hear the story, click the audio link below: