Supporters brave long lines, waits, and sun to see Trump

Supporters began arriving Thursday morning for President Trump’s evening rally at Missoula International Airport, and with only one entrance into the parking area, it didn’t take long before the highway was, itself, a parking lot.

More than four hours before the President was scheduled to speak, the line was well over a mile long, inching forward often just 15 or 20 feet at a time. In nearly 90 minutes, it crept forward a mere half mile.

Before long, people were surrendering to the bottleneck, abandoning their cars on the side of the road, electing to walk a mile or more on their way to yet another line – this one seemingly just as long – to board one of the half-dozen yellow school buses shuttling people down the road to the Minuteman Hangar.

The sun was beating down on supporters during the long wait, but it didn’t seem to dampen spirits.

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