St. Peter’s opens flu clinic

For those seeking relief from the flu, St. Peter’s Health in Helena may provide you with a great
opportunity. Monday, the hospital opened up their flu clinic.

This creates another option for those suffering from flu like symptoms when there is a need to see a doctor fast.

“We’ve seen a significant increase in the flu here in Helena and around the state since Christmas time in particular,” said St. Peter’s Vice President of Communications Andrea Groom. “With our new flu clinic opening, we’ve already seen 13 patients.”

Groom said when unable to see your primary physician quickly the flu clinic can be a viable alternative.

“We always encourage people to see their primary care provider first, but if you are having difficulty
getting in right away, because it is a little extra busy right now the flu clinic is just another option for patients to see a provider as quickly as possible,” Groom said.

Here is why timing is so important for those suffering from the flu:

“It’s important if you suspect you might have the flu to see a doctor right away,” Groom said. The
reason for that is you want to shorten the length and the severity of the illness, but also to prevent the spread of flu to others.”

Patients will be seen at the Broadway Clinic at St. Peter’s Health by appointment only. For more
information or to schedule an appointment call 457-4180.