St. Peter’s kicks off organizational makeover


It’s a new way of doing things at St. Peter’s in Helena, and the first part is to change the name from St. Peter’s Hospital to St. Peter’s Health.

“The name change is a reflection of who we are today,” St. Peter’s Chief Executive Officer Wade Johnson said. Historically things were really focused around the hospital itself, but now as we’ve evolved and as healthcare has evolved, we are a lot more than just a hospital.”

Johnson on why the name change broadens the scope of what they want the public to know.

“We have a lot of other services that we provide. We have a very large medical group and home services, clinical services that we provide that exist outside the hospital and so I think that’s part of it. I think it’s also part of recognizing that our health is not just about when we’re sick, it’s about staying healthy and about being well. A message I think to the community about us being more engaged on that side of the equation.”

With all these changes ties into the way healthcare is delivered.

“We kind of putting a stake into the ground that says going forward, we are transforming the
organization and we’re going to continue to evolve the organization,” Johnson said. “Our goal is to be the gold standard for healthcare in Montana, we are very confident we can get that accomplished here and we’re excited to be able to do that, be that type of organization for our community in Helena and the surrounding area.”

Here are some of the areas of emphasis to reaching that overall goal.;

“Whether looking at business and clinical operations, looking at electronic health record, achieving
certain quality benchmarks that we want to achieve, we’ve set those goals out over the coming years for us to help us to where we want to go and where we want to be for the community,” Johnson said.

Since the issues they face for achieving this goal are extensive, many of the aspects to improving the
patients overall experience will be phased in until the year 2025.