Montana teens arrested in fatal shooting, fatal hit-and-run

GREAT FALLS (AP) — Two teenagers have been arrested in connection with a shooting death and a fatal hit-and-run crash in northwest Montana.

The 17-year-old boys are being held at a juvenile detention center for the deaths of Amy Whitegrass, 28, and Lindsay Whiteman, 38, The Great Falls Tribune reported Wednesday.

According to investigators, Whitegrass was shot during a confrontation in the town of Starr School west of Browning early Tuesday morning, and Whiteman was hit and killed by the teen shooter as she tried to stop him from fleeing the scene in a pickup.

Police found the truck in Great Falls that night and took both teens into custody. One of the boys had a pistol in the front of his waistband and was carrying marijuana and hashish.

Great Falls police detectives and the FBI questioned the teens and were told the fatal shooting happened inside the truck after Whitegrass pulled a knife.

According to a police affidavit, the teens fled the scene, eventually pulling off the road and moving Whitegrass’ body from the front passenger seat to the rear seat of the truck. They then drove to Great Falls and at some point scraped off the lettering on the truck’s windshield to try to disguise the vehicle.

Both are being held on charges of tampering with physical evidence. One also is charged with two counts of drug possession and carrying a concealed weapon.

The FBI is investigating, and more charges could be filed in federal court.