Montana one of eight states holding primaries today

Republicans and Democrats will be heading to the polls today for primaries to determine their party’s candidates in races this November.

Montana is one of eight states holding primaries today.

The Republican field vying to face Democratic Senator Jon Tester this fall is led by current state auditor Matt Rosendale.  He’s facing Russell Fagg, Al Olszewski and Troy Downing.

It has been an expensive primary election campaign marked by attack ads, big spending by outside groups and President Donald Trump inserting himself in the race.

Montana Democrats are also voting to see who will face Greg Gianforte in the race for the state’s only seat in the U-S House of Representatives.

The primary comes nearly a year after the Republican was sworn in to fill the term of Ryan Zinke, who resigned to become Trump’s Interior secretary.

Registered voters will all go to their designated polling place to vote today. Those who are not registered or who need to change their registration can still do that.

Late registration is possible at the county elections office.

Polls and the County elections office are open from 7 am to 8 pm, except for the Dearborn Community Center, which is open from noon to 8 pm.

If you’re unsure where exactly you’re supposed to vote, you can visit

Entering your name and birthday will show you the location of your polling place, and also let you know your precinct number, senate district and house district.

You can also call the county elections office at 447-8339.