Law enforcement students organize blood drive

At the Montana Law Enforcement Academy in Helena, the state’s finest will be sworn in Friday, but Wednesday prior to their graduation they were helping out in another way by rolling up their sleeves and donating blood. Administrator Glen Stinar says this drive was prompted in response to an awful tragedy.

“For them it was the Las Vegas shooting and how they felt as a group they needed to give back to the community in the spirit of public service,” Stinar said. “Law enforcement and public safety is not always about finding what is wrong with our communities, its more so finding opportunities to make things better and I think we talk about that with the law enforcement folks the better their sense of how important it is.”

The fifty-one students are participating from 32 different agencies across Montana including Ross Holcomb of the Lake County sheriff’s office.

“I donate every chance I can get,” Holcomb said. “It’s a big deal helping out a lot of people. In any crisis, I think a lot of us wish we could do more. This is just a small thing for me to be able to do.”