Airport director urges flyers to arrive early

As the Christmas holiday approaches, we are all in a rush. When it comes to leaving for your family get together, Helena Regional Airport Director Jeff Wadekamper says when flying allow yourself some extra time.

“Arrive early especially during the holiday season,” Wadekamper said. “That’s when the airport is the most busy, during our peak times especially. So, if you’re on an outbound morning flight that’s very important you get here at least an hour and a half early before your scheduled departure.”

Part of the emphasis has come from the federal level to do extra screening of your belongings.

“Currently their biggest thing that they’ve (TSA) done now which is new, is to start doing additional screening of any electronic devices,” Wadekamper said. What you’ll encounter when you get to the security checkpoint lane, and you get in line there, you’ll see a number of additional tables to kind of put stuff in bins. Any electronic device bigger than a cell phone, you’ll want to layout in a bin.”

Wadekamper says TSA agents are already doing this extra screening for laptops, but now it has been expanded to tablets and cameras.