Bullock touts economic benefits of Medicaid expansion

Among the many things that will be discussed during the 2019 Legislative session is the continuation of Montana’s expanded Medicaid program.

On Tuesday, Gov. Steve Bullock presented a report prepared by the Department of Revenue and Department of Labor & Industry, which he said shows the program has been a boon for Montana’s businesses, workers and economy as a whole.

That report indicated that 57 percent of private Montana businesses have at least one employee enrolled in Medicaid expansion.

“Businesses are the backbone of Montana’s economy. And this report clearly shows businesses large and small benefit from and rely on Medicaid expansion,” Bullock said. “I think it is time we fully recognize that the value of Medicaid expansion is as much for our Montana businesses as it is for the Montanans now receiving access to health care.”

The report says that 18,000 businesses have employed a worker enrolled in Medicaid expansion. Employers benefit, it says, because of the cost avoidance of not paying for private health insurance, by avoiding tax penalties, and by having healthier employees entering the employer’s insurance pool.

Here is a link to the full report: Montana Medicaid Report